The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry was founded in 2000.

Patty Thomas, Founder & CEO has been set apart by The Lord, researching, writing and preparing teaching materials.  Patty walks under the Mantle of Elijah, calling out the false from the real, and teaching people discernment.

The Lord Wanted this ministry to have these focuses:

  • Teaching The Awe and Wonder of God
  • Teaching His Amazing Precision in all of Creation
  • Teaching The Precision of The Bible
  • Calling for holiness, repentance, reverence and respect for God
  • Preparing hearts for The Second Coming of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha’Maschiach
  • Inspiring people to deeper relationships with The Lord
  • Encouraging people to learn to walk like sons and daughters of God
  • Stopping for the one (person who needs your help in that moment)
  • Healing for God’s people, including extensive deliverance

To contact Patty for speaking or singing:


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